st antony IC school
Fifth Grade

The fifth grade religion curriculum uses the Blest Are We 5th grade religion workbook. The focus for the year is on the seven sacraments. Students will learn the history and traditions behind each of the sacraments. Also, students will learn about many saints who exemplified Christian virtues. Religion is a curriculum that is taught not only in class, but all throughout the day.

Language Arts:
The fifth grade language arts curriculum combines vocabulary, writing, reading, listening and speaking. Students will expand their vocabulary through the use of the Wordly Wise vocabulary book, as well through their reading and writing. Students will analyze literature and respond to it in essays and projects.

The fifth grade math curriculum uses Houghton Mifflin’s 5th grade California Math textbook, which follows the state standards in the following areas: number sense, algebra and functions, measurement and geometry, and statistics/data analysis/probability. Students will solve equations with fractions and decimals, increase their knowledge of geometric figures, and organize data into graphs.

The fifth grade science curriculum uses the Harcourt California Edition Science textbook. The year is broken up into 3 separate sections: systems of living things, weather/space, and matter/energy. Students will conduct experiments throughout the year to enhance their understanding of the material.

Social Studies:
The fifth grade social studies curriculum uses the Macmillan/McGraw Hill Making a New Nation textbook. Students will trace the history of North America from the native peoples of North America all the way through to the present day United States. The focus of the second half of the year will be on the birth and growth of the United States. Students will master the geography of the USA and analyze the development of the nation.