st antony IC school
Seventh Grade

Seventh grade religion tells the story of Jesus’ life. Students continue to learn how to live a Catholic life of service and gratitude. By studying scripture and identifying how these stories have relevant meaning to the life of a seventh grader, students are able to follow the example that Jesus set.

Reading/Language Arts
At the seventh grade level, students continue to refine the writing process with an emphasis on interpreting literature. Reading works from John Steinbeck, Arthur Miller and Robert Luis Stevenson, seventh graders learn how to interpret an author’s message and make comments on society by referencing influential literature. Seventh graders tackle dangling participles, comma usage and the Greek, Latin and Anglo-Saxon roots of the English language. Students are able to identify meaning of specialized vocabulary by using their knowledge of word roots and affixes. They continue to identify figurative language. They begin to identify new vocabulary in reading and are also able to use it in their writing. Students participate in a school-wide project that explores the use of propaganda and oral media communication.

Seventh grade Pre-Algebra develops and introduces skills in Algebra. Upon arriving in seventh grade students are expected to have mastered the skills taught in elementary school.

Pre-Algebra is the introductory course to Algebra. During this year students are expected to solve equations and inequalities, graph linear functions, and manipulate fractions, decimals, and integers in the process.

Life science is a specialized look at life on this planet, ranging from the largest members of the Animal Kingdom to the smallest unicellular organisms in the Bacteria Kingdom. The curriculum for life science starts out with a close up of living cells. As we discuss genetics and evolution the students grasp a deeper understanding of how these cells are formed. The close up begins to zoom out as we discuss the structure and function of living things. This year is tied together when we study the specialized systems of the human body. Seventh graders are expected to display their understanding of the scientific method by researching, creating, and displaying a science project.

Social Studies
Seventh graders learn about many of the world’s most influential empires, including The Byzantine and West-African peoples. Students discuss extremism and tolerance among cultures and religions, focusing on Islam and Christianity. Geography makes up a large portion of the seventh grade course, as students learn how to map areas to scale, identify all countries of the world, and compare and contrast climate zones.