Class Angels 

Becoming a Class Angel is a very special way to make a financial gift to St. James School.

Class Angels support and enhance the classroom experience.  

As a Class Angel, your investment of $500 or more ensures that students in your 'adopted' class will be able to go on content-based field trips, underwrites consumable learning materials, and supports class-specific awards and special events such as:

  • 6th grade Outdoor Education
  • 2nd grade Communion Photos
  • 8th Grade Graduation Awards
And you don't have to do it alone!  Alumni can get their classmates together and pool their resources to help provide a field trip or a group of co-workers can invest in a set of project supplies. Class Angels enjoy a special and lasting relationship with their classes and may choose to visit their sponsored classroom, volunteer as a reading buddy or attend special school events and activities.

Contact the Development Office at for more information about how you can become a Class Angel at St. James.

Class Angels 
Support Learning!

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