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  • Sibling Discount applied to the 2nd/3rd Campers. 
  • Please use one form for all siblings. 
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Camper 1 Information
Camper 1 Name
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Date of Birth *
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2021-2022 Grade *
Shirt Size *
Please describe any special medical, social, emotional, or physical needs your child may have.
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Medications to be administered by the Camp (include dosage/frequency)
Select Program for Camper 1
  • Session Fee: $400 per camper
  • Family Discount: $380 per camper(for a families registering multiple campers). Family Discount applied to the 2nd/3rd camper fees.
Session 2 (June 14-18)
Session 3 (June 21-25)
Session 4 (June 28-July 2)
Optional: Extended Care Add-On
Extended Care will run from 3-5pm daily, with a weekly session fee of an additional $75. Students picked up after 5pm will be charged an additional $1 per minute.
Session 2 (June 14-18)
Session 3 (June 21-25)
Session 4 (June 28-July 2)