Alumni View


Updated on Apr 04, 2018 12:47 PM by Moodie, Barbara

We take pride in our graduates!

A student’s relationship with SAIC does not end upon graduation. We have over 120 years of graduates, and their success spreads around the globe. Most graduates are accepted at esteemed local private and Catholic High Schools. A few of our Alumni have returned to the school to work as well as volunteer and participate on our Development Board.

We want to connect more with our alumni. This can be done by contacting the alumni you know, asking each for their current name, address, email, etc., asking them to contact their own friends, and everyone sharing this information with SAIC. Please call Constance Dalton, our Alumni Director, at 415-6426130, or email using the contact form. We never share information about our alumni with outside groups. Thank you!