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Tuition & Fees

Updated on Jun 19, 2021 06:51 AM

2022 - 2023 Tuition & Fees

 Number of Children
*Participating Family Non-Participating Family
 One Student
 $7,500.00 $8,206.02
 Two Students
 $12,815.01 $14,647.23
 Three Students
 $16,216.20 $16,762.70
 Four Students
 $19,547.89 $21,474.89
 Registration Fees: $490.00 per student.
  • Additional fees apply for Parent Guild, Fundraising Contributions, Sacramental Programs, Outdoor Education (6th grade) and Graduation Program (8th grade), as well as other school and Diocesan fees.
  • A *'Participating Family' completes all  parent volunteer / service hours and fundraising commitments.

  • All monthly payment plans (either over 10 months or 11 months) can be made through the TADS Tuition Management program. Through TADS, tuition payments will be automatically debited from a checking or savings account.

  • Financial aid is available for qualifying families. All applications for financial aid are handled with the utmost confidentiality and care.

  • Please call the school office at (415) 647-8972 or email with any questions regarding tuition or tuition assistance.