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Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

The mission of Saint Anthony – Immaculate Conception School, a Catholic elementary school in San Francisco’s Mission District, is to empower students from diverse backgrounds to grow as whole persons in the image of Jesus Christ. The partnership between school staff, parish, and families, the primary educators, is focused on helping students develop their God-given gifts and talents through a rich academic program, a dynamic community of believers, and commitment to service and worship.

Our mission is rooted in the belief that:

  • Jesus is the center of our lives
  • A strong relationship with Jesus grows from daily prayer, Eucharistic celebrations, vibrant community life and frequent spiritual experiences
  • The Gospel of Jesus sends us out to proclaim the Good News, to create community, and to be of service to the Catholic Church and all of God’s people.
  • Our Franciscan/Dominican charism is a formational strength of our school
  • Our presence makes a positive difference in the Mission District of San Francisco
  • The development of students' God-given gifts will develop leaders of the future

To achieve our mission, we are committed to:

  • Preach the Catholic Faith      
  • Work in partnership with families, the primary educators, to meet the needs of the whole child
  • Celebrate the many cultures that make up our community and develop a global consciousness
  • Provide formational experiences so students have a variety of opportunities to learn
  • Serve our parish community and neighborhood and respond to work needs


Successful Students are:

Preachers of the Gospel who:

  • Are Proclaimers of the Word by their positive example to others
  • Make moral decisions
  • Treat others as Jesus did
  • Know and live their Catholic Faith
  • Build community

Caretakers of Creation who:

  • Show respect for life in all its forms
  • Are careful stewards of the world
  • Display self-confidence, positive self esteem and an ability to care for self and others
  • Promote beauty through participation in the fine arts

Seekers of Truth who:

  • Exhibit basic foundational knowledge
  • Think critically and solve problems
  • Actively seek answers
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing Competently utilize modern technology

People of Celebration who:

  • Exhibit enthusiasm and joy
  • Respect and honor cultural diversity
  • Participate in Sacramental Celebration
  • Establish a prayer life with a loving God
  • Promote the richness of their Catholic Faith
  • Embrace the Franciscan/Dominican spirituality