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First Grade

Updated on Oct 21, 2019 10:29 PM


First Grade with Mrs. Doherty

In First Grade, we…

  •   Strive to increase our reading fluency and stamina   

  • Celebrate a variety of authors

  •     Practice our literary skills with our 4th Grade Reading Buddies    

  •  Use our writing and technology skills to connect with Pen Pals   

  • Broaden our overall number sense    

  • Utilize a variety of math strategies to develop strong problem solving skills    

  • Engage in discovery activities to deepen our understanding of weather, space,  plant s and animals   

  • Journey on local field trips to learn more about our community  

  • Care for our class pets   

  • Collaborate with our classmates

  • Practice and show respect

  • Accept challenges to strengthen resiliency  

  • Have FUN !