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Blended Learning

Updated on Feb 13, 2019 11:55 PM

Blended Learning

Selected by Loyola Marymount University as a Blended Learning partner, St. James has integrated the Blended Learning Model into our classroom learning strategies and practices.

What is Blended Learning?

The LMU Blended Learning model is an opportunity for the students to learn at their own pace, at their own level, through small group instruction, individual and collaborative practice and using adaptive and assignable software. This program allows teachers to get immediate data on student learning and differentiate the learning in order to maximize student success.

 The three pillars of the Blended Learning Partnership Schools are: Leadership, Culture and Technology.


St. James is undergoing two years of ongoing professional development in pedagogical best practices as well as blended learning best practices. Using the Teacher Leader model foundation from the Center of Math and Science Teaching and the Technology Integration Specialist Certification, our teachers are practitioners that are not only fluent in current teaching pedagogies, but the Teacher Leaders (TLs) are certified through the two programs as well.


As a Blended Learning school, we seek to create a community and culture of college and career readiness within our classrooms.  This includes not only a college awareness and college-going mindset, but academic preparation as well. Classrooms are infused with reminders that college is within student reach, teachers receive professional development on fostering a classroom culture that promotes a college-going mindset, and students take ownership of their learning.  


St. James students experience interactive and engaging digital content as a supplement to their teachers' lessons and labs. Students work both independently and collaboratively using technology regularly. This engagement with the technology aligns with the technology standards (ISTE NETS-Students) and allows for the integration of digital citizenship curriculum.