st antony IC school
First Grade

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As young persons of faith, students grow closer in their relationship with Jesus through music, a variety of prayer experience and study of the Gospel stories. Students work toward becoming more active participants in Mass through a study of prayers and responses.

Reading/Language Arts
Students strengthen their sounding out skills and build a sight vocabulary. They work toward reading grade level texts with fluency and expression. In Reading Comprehension, students learn to identify and describe story elements – including beginning, middle, and end. Through daily journal practice, students learn to write several complete, cohesive sentences around a topic. They master basic spelling lists and develop strategies to sound out other words.

Students focus on numbers to 100 – counting, reading, writing and ordering. They work to master addition and subtraction facts to 20. Students also spend time with patterns, geometric shapes, coins, time and measurement. Throughout the year, we work on developing problem solving strategies.

Students explore the world around them through an examination of the ways plants and animals meet their needs, changing weather and seasons, and kinds of matter and energy.

Social Studies
Students learn about our country through a study of its symbols, icons and traditions and through an examination of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. They compare and contrast everyday life in different times and places as well as the beliefs, customs and traditions of various cultures. Students use maps and globes to locate community, state, country, continents and oceans.