Spanish with Señora Harp

At St. James, Spanish language classes provide students with experience in listening, speaking, reading and writing Spanish within all levels of instruction: beginning, intermediate and advanced. The curriculum focusses on the following two elements addressed in the California World Language Content Standards:

  • All the students will be able to communicate at a basic literacy level in at least one language otherthan English.
  • All students will be able to demonstrate and understanding of the interrelationship between language and culture for at least one world in addition to English.

About Mrs. Lucia Harp

Mrs. Harp starting working at St. James School in 1993 in the Extended Care Program. In 2005, she earned her college degree and returned to St. James in 2010. As a Mexican immigrant, she values the importance of education and deeply enjoys teaching St. James students. 

Mrs. Harp’s teaching philosophy is rooted in her belief that learning a second (or third!) language is very important. Students can better understand other cultures, traditions and perspectives as they learn world languages. It’s a critical component of becoming a global citizen.


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